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Nothing matches the ancient allure of Belly Dance, its exhilarating, and intoxicating. The dramatic glittering costumes and sensual movement truly stir the soul!


A show starts with an exiting entrance usually veiled for added drama. Then about 15 minutes of an unforgettable belly dance performance with props and middle eastern music chosen to suit your party or event. After that,  your guest are invited to join in the fun!   


*Props include double silk veils, sword (single and double), zills, fire tray, fan veils single and double swords

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Each show will be tailored to your needs.  The following is an approximation based on typical venues. Pricing is subject to change. To request a quote, use the contact form on 

this page.

*Restaraunts and Lounges Please call 908-907-0716 for pricing*

Weddings/Special Events 

Approx 30 to 40 minute classic show 

including engaging your audience.

Classic Belly Dance Show

Approx 20to 30 minutes of exciting

music suited to your event.


Split Show

This is a classic show split into

two 10-minute shows that can be

performed at 30 minute intervals.

This can also be tailored to 5-minute 

shows every 15 minutes.

Starting at $300

Mini Show/Bellygram

A quick drop-by show.


Mini Show With Lesson

Full-costume short show and

a class for your guests.


Holiday Pricing

Subject to premium pricing.

Please contact for information.

Starting at $500

Charity Events

Venus always makes time

for charity events. Please

contact for more information.


If you'd like a custom order, please 

call or use the contact form on this page.





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It takes years to train as a professional belly dancer... just like a baseball, basketball, or football player.  As a third generation dancer, I trained with my family, the traditional way to learn this ancient art form.

 I have heard many horror stories about parties that used a person who cost far less, walked in with a bad diva attitude, delivered the worst performance ever seen, and showed up in a Halloween costume, if they showed up at all. Is that what you want for your event?  You are paying for professionalism, talent, high quality costuming, on-going training, and years of experience. I promise you will never be disappointed with my show, I have spent years preforming. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.


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Thank you for your interest in Venus! To reserve Venus for your event or to sign up for her classes, please call 908-907-0716 

or fill out the contact form below.


NJ Belly Dancer Venus
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